My Label Studios provides creative solutions for your brand, company, and you as an artist. We understand in order to be true to your creative mojo you can’t be worrying about the things you don’t know how to manage. Whether it’s social media, graphics, videos, merchandise, songwriting, recording, event planning, and much more. We would fill in the places where you need us so that you can focus on your craft.

+ Are you an up and coming singer-songwriter/ band and want to get an album together?
+ Create or enhance your music video?
+ Are you a company that needs a new logo?
+ Do you have an event and need us to capture the experience with audio and video?
+ Are you a company that needs a 15 sec/ 30 sec commercial?
+ Are you a church and would like us to record your service?
+ Do you need tee shirts, lanyards, cups, and other products?
+ Need us to create a personal website for your business?
+ Need new images and photos for your catalog?

We provide these services and cater to your personal needs. Take a look at our site and give us a shout. If you have any questions, please contact us.